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The Gallery at La Cigale ®

Friday, April 5, 2013
5-8 PM Opening Reception

Friday, May 3, 2013
5-8PM Opening Reception
with Waltz Vineyards Wine Tasting

Friday, June 7, 2013
5-8PM Opening Reception
with Waltz Vineyards Wine Tasting

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Front Porch Demonstration:
Watercolor & Oil

Saturday, June 22, 2013
Front Porch Demonstration

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FREDERICK D. SWARR exhibited two paintings in "The Art of Jazz" Frank Scott Memorial Art Show, which is the Berks Arts Council juried exhibition at the Goggleworks in Reading.  The exhibition ran from March 8-27.

FRED also had a booth at the Art Walk at the 2013 Home Show in Harrisburg on March 9-10.

FREDalong with SUSAN AFFLERBACH, made a presentation to the Lebanon Kiwanis Club luncheon on March 21 to introduce the group to The Gallery at La Cigale ®.  The presentation provided a colorful and informative photo show of our gallery and artists, and was very well-received, generating many positive responses from the Kiwanis members.

The artist's world is limitless.  It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away.  It is always on his doorstep.  ~Paul Strand

Wildlife Painter SUSAN AFFLERBACH  (better known as Susie) will exhibit twelve of her new original works at the Historic Yellow Springs 40th Annual Art Show in picturesque Chester Springs, PA from April 27-May 12, 2013.  This amazing art show will feature the work of over 170 juried painters and sculptors.  You can learn more about this two-week event at:

Please join us for this personalized look at how the artists create their masterpieces. As in 2012, we will once again feature a series of hands-on demonstrations this summer on the front porch of La Cigale. These are fun and informative ways for you to learn more about the artists' techniques and how they create their works of art. 

We'll feature BARBARA FISHMAN on Saturday, June 15 from 10AM-2PM.  Barb will demonstrate how she creates her compelling watercolor and oil paintings.  A must-see!

LUISE CHRISTENSEN-HOWELL will be our featured demonstrator on Saturday, June 22 from 10AM-2PM.  Luise's expertise is in creating distinctive stained glass items.  As our Spotlight Artist in this issue (below), you will learn more about Luise's artistic passion in her own words.

In July, we will feature DORIS JEAN SILVA, who creates stunning acrylic paintings on wood, with many of those paintings featuring drilled work.  Jean will demonstrate this unique form of art on Saturday, July 13, from 10AM-2PM.
Ethereal, 10x8" oil 
by Susan Afflerbach Catalog Piece for Yellow Springs show
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. 
~Thomas Merton

Resident Artist,
during her stained glass demonstration last summer

Many patrons have remarked on the logo for our Gallery.  Yes, that is Doodle, the beloved (unfortunately now deceased) Mount Gretna rooster, sporting a French beret and holding a palette of paints.  The idea for this logo came to artist Susie Afflerbach after she photographed Doodle on Groundhog Day in February 2012.  Our group unanimously agreed he was the perfect choice.  Susie went on to paint Doodle in his French finery in a painting entitled 'I Did It My Way'.  The morning that the finishing touches were put in place on the painting, Susie received word that Doodle had been struck by a car and killed that very morning, which makes us even more grateful to have him immortalized as our gallery mascot.  This painting now hangs permanently in the Gallery and provides many a smile when people pass by it, remembering a most special rooster.  

Prints of 'I Did It My Way' will be available this summer at the Gallery.

Pine Rest 
by Photographer 
David Adams
I Did It My Way
Original Oil by 
Susie Afflerbach

One of the joys of being an artist is the opportunity to give back to our communities simply by doing what we love to do -- creating our art.  Several of our artists, including Barbara Fishman, David Adams, Doris Jean Silva, Luise Christensen-Howell, Mary Kopala, and Susie Afflerbach will participate in the upcoming Garden Party at Brasenhill,  a popular and elegant affair benefiting Lebanon Family Health Services.  The 15th Annual Juried Benefit Art Auction will be held on Sunday, May 19, 2013 on the grounds of Brasenhill, Kaj Skov's spacious mansion on High Street in Lebanon.  The proceeds brought in by the art donated serve to enable Lebanon Family Health Services to continue their important work in the community, making a difference in the lives of many less fortunate individuals.  Learn more about Lebanon Family Health Services at

How I create a stained glass panel
By Luise Christensen-Howell

The term “stained glass” is actually misleading. The color of the glass I use is not from applied stains or paints but various compositions of minerals, combined at 2000+ degrees to give the desired color to a sheet of glass. Using only American made colored sheet glass, much of it hand rolled, allows me to paint with glass, selecting just the right color and texture to make a piece come alive.
Along with exhibiting at The Gallery at La Cigale ®BARBARA FISHMAN has several oil paintings at MITRANI, 3535 Walnut St., Harrisburg, PA  and several pieces at Lebanon Picture Frame on the 3rd floor of the Farmers Market on 8th Street in Lebanon. Recently, she visited a special exhibit at the Demuth Gallery in Lancaster to view the work of Lebanon and Lancaster artists, which she describes as EXCELLENT!!  Barb is presently busy getting new work ready for The Gallery at La Cigale ® and also Le Sorelle restaurant in Mount Gretna.   
The process starts with drawing a cartoon or pattern that is then placed on a light table. After I select the glass it is placed directly on the cartoon and the individual pieces are traced and numbered.  The next step is cutting all the pieces from the sheet of glass. A glass cutter is used to score the lines and breaking pliers free the individual pieces from the sheet of glass. The cartoon is moved to a board for the next step. Every cut piece has to be fine tuned for an accurate fit on a glass grinder. This machine has a diamond coated grinding head and a water reservoir to smooth the edges of each piece of glass. For complicated cuts I use a glass saw with a diamond coated ring blade and a water reservoir.

All the pieces of glass must be dried and are then placed on the cartoon to insure an accurate fit. Straight edge metal strips around the piece keep it from moving.  After all the pieces of glass are assembled on the cartoon, each will be wrapped along the outer edge with a thin strip of copper foil. The foil must be smoothed and fit tightly to allow for the next step: soldering. When the foiling is completed, I apply a thin coating of flux over the entire piece laid out on the cartoon. The solder I use is a combination of tin and lead, 60/40. I work exclusively with solder, preferring this method over lead strips. It allows me to include fine details like decorative soldering and in some cases using very small pieces of glass or jewels.

After both sides are soldered together, a chemical is applied to stop the corrosive action of the flux. I cut and fit a frame of zinc and attach it at various points of the panel. This stabilizes the panel and also gives a finished edge. The entire piece must now be cleaned thoroughly to prepare for patina. After patina is applied to all metal parts, the piece only needs a rinse before applying glass polish. The final step is buffing off the residue of the polish and attaching a chain for hanging.

The Gallery at La Cigale's e-Newsletter was published quarterly.  Susie Afflerbach was the e-Newsletter Editor, as well as Webmaster for the Gallery. This effort is now continued by Luise Christensen-Howell Please send any comments or suggestions to Luise at
451 Route 117
Mt. Gretna PA 17064

Some of Luise's incredible creations
Barb Fishman
        elcome to the premiere issue of 
The Gallery at La Cigale's e-newsletter.
Dig This 
original Acrylic by 
Frederick D. Swarr
Glass Works
by Barbara Fishman
Doris Jean Silve Demonstration
Visitors to our demonstrations
Some of our resident artists
Scenes from our 2012 Summer Demonstrations on the 
Front Porch
Luise Christensen-Howell Demonstration
Many of our artists also donate pieces to the Mount Gretna Arts Council for the Mount Gretna Summer Premiere & Art Auction.  The proceeds from these items serve to help support the spectacular array of artistic venues offered in Mount Gretna.  This year's Summer Premiere & Art Auction will be held on Saturday, May 25, 2013 beginning at 4PM.  For more information, please visit their website at

Les Tournesols
by Mary Kopala
This quarterly e-newsletter features artist news and gallery art events during each quarter of the year, as well as links of interest throughout the region. We hope you will enjoy each issue to keep abreast of all that is happening with the artists at The Gallery at La Cigale ® .

Click any image for a larger view.
Our stoneware clay artisan, MARGARET SEIDENBERG-ELLIS, is working on a series of stacking boxes right now in her studio.  These pieces have two sections.  They can be used for holding spices in the kitchen, jewelry or special treasures.  Margaret has one in The Gallery at La Cigale ® at this time, and some that are almost ready for the bisque firing. If you've been looking for that perfect unique gift, these stacking boxes will end your search!  
I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.
 ~ Georgia O'Keeffe 


As the saying goes, "Time flies"!  With the one year anniversary of the official opening of The Gallery at La Cigale ® approaching on June 2, we're enhancing our presence by hosting juried guest artists throughout the course of the year, with opening receptions scheduled on First Fridays of most months (see Events page on this website).   First Fridays are sponsored by the Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts.

Waltz Vineyards Estate Winery of Lancaster County will provide wine tasting of their award-winning wines during several of our First Friday events. 

The Spring season kicks off with an Opening Reception for oil painter, Sharon D. Jenne, on Friday, April 5, 2013 from 5-8PM.  Read more about Sharon here.

Nancy Perrotti will bring her mixed media works to our gallery during the month of May. Nancy's Opening Reception will be held on Friday, May 3, from 5-8PM.  Waltz Vineyards will be with us on this evening for wine tasting.

Our June guest will be Sharon Woelfling, Watercolor artist.  Please stop by to meet Sharon during her Opening Reception on Friday, June 7, from 5-8PM.  Waltz Vineyards will be with us on this evening for wine tasting.

Truth and Tales
one of Sharon Jenne's oil paintings being featured in our gallery during the 
month of April.
Click above image for a larger view of our 
2013 Special Events
Stoneware by 
Ruthann Santry
"Bittersweet Pots"
Mount Gretna Playhouse
Watercolor by Carol D. Snyder
by Mary Kopala

JOHN AND NANCY MITCHELL, owners of La Cigale ® Table Art of Provence TM, and their staff for their hospitality and generosity in helping to make The Gallery at La Cigale ® a reality.  We are most grateful for the opportunity to further enhance the artistic aura of Mount Gretna by holding an active presence there.  This would not have been possible without the Mitchell's adventurous vision of having an art gallery in their building.

And to ROGER GROCE, master of the written and entertaining word, for his ongoing support through the monthly Mount Gretna Email Newsletter.  Thank you, Roger, for your enthusiasm and all you've done to spread the word about The Gallery at La Cigale ® !
Doodle Photograph by Susie Afflerbach
Photograph by 
Susie Afflerbach
LUISE CHRISTENSEN-HOWELL- Creator of the Window at the Union Canal House

The Union Canal House was one of the victims of the flooding in the Hershey PA area in the Fall of 2011. The waters rose more than halfway in the first floor of the building that was established in 1751. The subsequent clean up and restoration took well over a year.

When Luise was approached to make a stained glass window for one of the dining rooms, it was important to incorporate some historical images. The background of the window was kept simple, similar to windows one would see in the early 1800's. The center oval is a Laurel wreath. It symbolizes celebration and triumph over the destruction of the flood. At the top of the wreath, a Pennsylvania Keystone acknowledges the importance of Union Canals at a time when coal and other goods were moved across large distances.

The center Motiv shows a canal boat pulled by a mule. This was necessary as a boat had to navigate through shallower water in the locks. A woman in traditional dress is guiding the mule. There is a canal tunnel built of the sandstone found in the area.  A man is standing atop the boat watching. At the bottom of the wreath is a crest engraved with the words: Union Canal House, est. 1751.

The Tiffany method was used in the construction of the window, and the window was installed on March 20, 2013.  Luise is currently working on a design for a second window in the same dining room.

The Window at The Union Canal House by Luise Christensen-Howell
Marienplatz, Munich, Germany
 by Doris Jean Silva
“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” 
― Émile Zola  

Sunday Morning at the Playhouse,
Mt. Gretna PA
 by David Adams
Stopping for Gas, 
Lynches River Road, SC
 by David Adams
The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery's 42nd Annual Juried Art Exhibition, which runs from April 5-21, 2013, has accepted three of our resident artists into this year's juried show.   The gallery is located at Lebanon Valley College in Annville PA.  

ELIZABETH A. STUTZMAN's watermedia painting entitled My Yosemite will be featured during the show.

DORIS JEAN SILVA's acrylic painting entitled Marienplatz, Munich, Germany has also been accepted into the show.  This incredibly detailed painting also was awarded an Honorable Mention.  It took Jean one year to bring this painting to fruition!

DAVID ADAMS, fine art photographer, had two pieces selected for this show as well:  Sunday Morning at the Playhouse, Mt. Gretna, PAwhich was awarded Third Place in the exhibition, and Stopping for Gas, Lynches River Road, SC. 

Congratulations to these three artists for being accepted into this annual art exhibition!
Round Stacking Box
Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis
Ruthann Santry Demonstration